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kellie jackstien | founder | owner | creative director

I’m a local. Growing up at the base of the Wasatch Mountains, my designs have always been inspired by my love for nature (minus the bugs). I think my obsession with flowers became apparent when I preferred to spend my very limited spendable income on white tulips over life necessities like food or gas in my car. This was probably sometime in my very early college years and likely stemmed from many happy memories in my mother’s garden. There’s something restorative and beautiful in fresh cut flowers. I’ve always loved them.

After graduating from the University of Utah (in a totally unrelated field) and faced with choosing my career path, I couldn’t leave my love for design and all things flower related and I started artisan bloom. After years of dedicated HARD WORK, I have the privilege of calling this my job and the joy of understanding my passion. I am lucky enough to work with Dayna, my amazing business partner and an incredibly talented team of designers. Together we are dedicated to bringing consistently beautiful, meticulous design and top notch service to each and every event.

dayna atwood | co-owner | production manager

Dayna Attwood I began working with artisan bloom in when I was just 19 years old. I began as Kellie’s assistant and soon discovered a unique talent for design and completely fell in love with everything floral. In 2012, after 5 years of committed, hard work I was promoted to production manager and offered the opportunity to act as co-owner along side Kellie. I especially enjoy taking a seemingly regular space and being able to transform it into something spectacular. There is something truly rewarding about being a part of someone’s wedding day.

In my free time I enjoy traveling our beautiful state with my family but if I had to choose, you would find me in the clear waters of the Caribbean. I have an adventurous side and won’t hesitate to cliff jump or skydive. I have a love affair with my sweatpants and Netflix…work hard, rest hard.